The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

May Randoms

May was a busy month, as far as outdoor activity goes. Winter is well behind us and it's time to really get out and enjoy warm weather.
This was the day we discovered High Island Creek, it took me while to get the kids off the swings and down to the river

The water was freezing cold but that didn't stop them from getting in. I ended up paddling this creek 2 or 3 days later and again with the boys just a week ago...more on that later

Stray Dog and CP, not shown is Best in Schow.    looking at this blog,, It may appear that I do not ride bikes anymore...this was from a ride that felt more like a late fall day. It was windy and cold but still a lot fun, route can be found on Minnesota bike trail navigator. Afterwards we all warmed up at the House of Cotes...if you've never been ...go.  

On a Friday after work several of us got together for the third installment of  the always fun Shoot-out. 

The idea is to shoot flaming, breakable things, filled with flammable liquid with wrist rocket, and laugh till you can hardly breath

Start line of the RIOT GRRavel  ride /race

What was supposed be all fun, family ride,  turned into me screaming at my kids.....I was literally screaming. The boys left their brains at home that day disregarding any safety rules we have ever talked about and practiced on our rides.   When the ride started, they all took off at different paces and by the time I caught Super Y some 5-6 miles down the road I had just witnessed him from a far ,blasting across a highway with out stopping. To make it worse shielding him from view was a large truck (which nearly ran over Big D and Super Y moments before, due to their own stupidity)  stopped at the stop sign, the car coming from the left had no idea he was there and surely would have killed him had he/she been 5-6 seconds faster.  That was the most pissed off and scared ,I have ever been.  

Finally sticking with an adult.  none of them (my kids)  even knew how to stay on the right side of the road. Did I mention I was really fucking pissed off that day. If I ever do a gravel ride/race with any of them it will be a 1:1 ratio.   

highlight of the ride Chimney Rock 

The start of a short, 5ish mile kayak trip down the Vermillion River from Hastings that took a really long time due to downed trees and log jams. We  had a great day, but sometimes things go just a little too long and push the limits of fun.  

Log jam # 1, 2,3,4,5, or 6...not sure at this point

Big ass snapping turtle...these things are awesome

Got these really cool head phones at a garage sale, they only play AM radio. I didn't have a 9 volt battery , got sick of looking at them laying around my house, and are most likely in the local landfill by now. 

Did a little bit of Urban-X in a spot I have long wanted to explore thanks to the son of Best in Schow.

didn't want to fall in here...water is gross

this would be really scary to see some glowing eyes down at the end of this....right ?

judging by the painting, it's obvious many people have been here.

I stayed out way to late for a work night , but it was worth it.

D Rider ..........................out

Saturday, July 30, 2016

April Randoms

Hey Y'all, I'm still alive and kicking.....sorry it's been so long. I got a new job, still a sheet metal worker, but am working lots of hours. I've been playing a lot but when the day ends I pretty much chill out in front of the TV and go to bed. The following posts will be mostly image dumps with captions. Hopefully you'll get something out of them, and I'll feel like I've still been keeping a journal of the things I do.
The boys had their regional gymnastics meet in Lincoln Nebraska, of course I brought a bike and did some riding in the capital city.

It turns out there is some off road riding on the south end of the city close enough for me to ride to from out hotel. It wasn't much but getting out on warm spring day is always nice.

Lincoln also has an extensive bike path system that skirts the outer perimeter along Salt Creek as well through the middle of town along  Antelope Creek.   

Doesn't look like much....but, G Man and Super Y took their first ride on road bikes. These were hand me downs from their mom. Lynn and I have held on to all of her old bikes for when they would fit them. The ride went well but took me longer to get the bikes road worthy than we actually rode.  

First time for any of us on the Dakota Rail Trail From Wayzata to Mound

GMan, Big D , Sammo and myself were up on the north shore for a weekend hiking and exploring  

Handstands near Black Beach

Caribou Falls were pretty spectacular on this hike  

it's pretty hard to read.....says. OLD MINE IN CREEK 

Guess what this is    OLD MINE IN CREEK

By April work on the Vikings stadium was starting wrap up, but definitly not winding down. The last few weeks were super busy with some over time that I avoided as much as possible 

Approximately every 60 days we got a free lunch as a safety incentive....these were the tables set for that day.

This was one of the first times they opened all the giant doors...they move very slow but the fresh air entering the work space was nice as the stadium was getting kind of warm 

My company did all of the kitchens and concessions, this is Vince welding the end of  a serving counter just before fitting it up into the opening 

This is how I ended up in Lincoln NE...the boys did well and generally had a good time 
  D Rider ..............out

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

High Island Creek, Rush River

High Island Creek at 250th ave 
 Two days before running both of these creeks I had never heard of them. It was a Sunday morning and the boys and I were looking for something to do, but didn't want to do the same old same old. I began looking at a map of the outlaying towns, just past the burbs of the Minneapolis/St Paul area and noticed a county park I had never heard of....... High Island Creek County Park.
let the fun begin

dirt walls

  We loaded up and headed south, stopping for pop and snacks, obviously. The park was awesome, with a fast flowing creek in a very deep river valley. It seemed out of place in a landscape surrounded by farm fields. Instantly I knew I would have to come back and paddle it. Later that night, searching the internet I found almost nothing about the creek , other than it had a tendency to have a lot of snags and sweepers. Not being a well versed whitewater paddler I was nervous, but the anxiety of missing the high flow and trying something new pushed me to skip a day of work and run this creek solo on Tuesday.   There wasn't anything greater, or barely reaching, class II but it was a blast , and had me grinning ear to ear for nearly the entire six+ mile stretch I ran from 250th ave, to HWY 6.

  The snags were present and had me on edge, moving quickly around  blind corners into a couple of them had me out of the boat in flash. For this reason I chose to use my sit-on-top Ocean Kayak, Frenzy. It's sort of made for this anyway, I can exit and get back on it in snap, also it will not sink. Looking back at the water level gauge, I hit it at just the right time. The day I ran it, the creek was cresting just below 400 cubic feet hour/ 5.5 river gauge , not to say it wont get higher, I just happened to hit it at a good level. Had I waited till the weekend it would have been down to an un-runable state. Rush River was an added bonus to the day. It's less than ten miles away from High Island and runs in a similar type of surrounding, a high walled wooded valley.  Like the previous river, I knew virtually nothing. Somehow I stumbled upon a youtube video Monday night of Rush River that had been posted that day of a group that paddled it the day before. They were fully decked out in real white water kayaks and gear, but the rapids didn't look like they warranted any of it......I decided I would run it as sit-on-top would be just fine.
Rush River....somewhere 

more dirt walls

transportation/ shuttle 
       Rush River was an excellent trip from 300th street to Rush River Park, it was a little wider, with less snags, but not as many rapids like the long chains experienced on High Island. I would recommend checking out either of these rivers,  I will definitely be back when the water is up....with more people. Better info can be found in the book Paddling Southern Minnesota, that I picked up at REI two days after I ran these creeks/rivers. A few things to note: the Carp Dam on High Island Creek is gone, If High Island Creek is up, most likely Rush will be up as they are very close to one another, unfortunately Rush has no river level gauge.  For my pack raft friends...I would't use it unless you want a hole in it, A bike shuttle works awesome if you want a little bit of desolate gravel road riding, There is a car show in Henderson every Tuesday night in the summer.  In the meantime, I'll be paying attention to the rain and watching the river level gauge for another run down these little jems.

D Rider...................out