The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Up North

ArcFlash and myself, recently pointed the van north for a weekend of camping , fat-bike riding and sea kayaking. The camping portion of the weekend was in stealth mode. This time of year the chance of getting a camping spot at a state park is pretty much zero, especially on a Friday evening. Last year I found a spot while I was out with my boys that I thought would be perfect. Even more perfect was the need for a boat to gain access......enter pack-raft. The camp was excellent and reminded me of the boundary waters. Saturday morning we got going early and quickly, the annual COGGS summer fat-bike tour was starting at 9 am and was the main reason for our trip north. We met at the trail-head for of Mission Creek and began the arduous ride towards Lester River which would not be seen for many hours. The ride linked together the fine single track  of Duluth, as well as some of the lesser traveled segments of ATV and deer trails that, for the most part, kept us off of the roads. Although in our 8++ hour extravaganza, we only covered 42 miles, it was exhausting and a true fat-bike adventure type ride. After the ride we met up with a few of our fellow riders for some chow and then we were off to find another place to camp, further north past Two Harbors. As mentioned before, finding a spot to camp is really tough, especially on the north shore. After driving around a while we ended up sleeping in a ditch , in the cover of some very tall grass along HWY 61. The next morning the wind was starting to blow. This isn't a really big deal for most of activities that AF and I do, except for kayaking on Lake Superior. Our plan was to push off at the Little Two Harbors Bay and travel northeast under the Split Rock Lighthouse and see if we could locate a shipwreck that AF has jumped before. Admittedly, I'm not at the top of my game when it comes to paddling on the big lake. It's been quite a while since I've been out on Superior and getting my "sea legs" in chop big enough to come over the top of the deck was a little unsettling. As we left the minimal shelter of the bay the rollers seemed to double in size just as we got into the full force of the wind that was now 15-20 knots. Neither one of us wanting to back down or show any sign of weakness, simultaneously agreed to turn back and give the lake another try in a what we hoped would be a more sheltered setting. We packed up and went south to Agate Bay out of Two Harbors. There was ship wreck here as well that we were hoping to view via snorkel. The water was so cold at the far end of the bay above the wreck, it ended with both of us only being able to handle swimming for 60 seconds tops, even in full wet suits. Although no planned goal was met, we had a successful day. Any moment spent on, near, or next to, Lake Superior is fantastic.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Blue Earth River

The canoe is getting a bit crowded.
 The inspiration for a family trip down the Blue Earth River came from the cover photo of a free publication touting adventure in southeast Minnesota. In the photo, a group of life-jacket clad individuals were standing in a deep green, moss and fern covered slot canyon. I little digging revealed the name Devils Gulch or Devils Den,  a little bit of planning gave way to a van loaded with gear and a boat, pointed south.

rain forest ?

Dry falls at the end of the Devil's Gulch
  My wife and kids were in on this one as well as long time friend Fancy Ray. My wife and two kids rode in the canoe while the boys alternated turns flying solo in the pack-raft. Fancy was going solo in his own kayak as well. Since it's a river trip, the standard shuttle requirements were in effect...leaving one vehicle in Mankato and then driving to the put-in at Rapidan Park. The river started out fun and pretty much stayed that way the whole time, with lots of class 1 rapids spaced out enough that no one got bored in the flat water between.

We had to kick one of them out to make space...lucky for them I brought the  Alpacka, Scout
 The "gem", and inspiration of the trip came quickly after setting off and if not for a several kayaks beached in the sand we may have missed it altogether. The grainy photo I had originally seen didn't do the gulch justice, first hand, it looked like something straight out of the rain forest. We spent about a half hour in the short slot before moving on. Upon pushing off we met a father/son duo that informed us of another interesting must-see, not much further down steam named Triple Falls. They paddled with us, acting as tour guides, explaining other features as well as the whereabouts of the falls.
Triple Falls 

From the top of the bottom tier 

Big D gives perspective to how big the dry falls are 

summer time....the livin's easy

Super Y
  After another short hike to visit the falls we were back in the boat looking for a picnic spot. We chose a nice sand bar and busted out the grill, snacks, and drinks. Once back in the boats we were a little pressed for time and had to resist the urge to check out any of the dozens of sand spits marking other possible vertical features carved into the steep bluffs on either side of the river. Return trips will definitely be in order for further exploration of this beautiful river and valley.
Near the put-in at Rapidan Dam

Sunday, May 31, 2015


Nature trail
Have you ever wanted to hike down a small creek among the homes of the filthy stinking rich and then packraft your way back to the start point on the larger body of water that said creek feeds.......... well, Purgatory Creek is just that.

didn't get much deeper than this
 After dropping off and locking my bike in a wooded ditch near my rendezvous point, I drove up stream (in my nearly 20 year old van) past a half dozen gated communities to my start point. Not the kind with tacky names affixed to pillars or piles of rocks on either side of the road, but those with bonafide electrically controlled  security gates, and real, working, gas lanterns.
strange looking rock...with teeth

shitty bridge...why not just walk across?
I can't take complete credit for this outing, a while back ArcFlash and myself seemed to come up with the idea about the same time and wanted to check it out together. Unfortunately It didn't happen that way, I got done with work really early and was looking for something to do close to home that wouldn't take too long. I also didn't have much motivation and figured I would bail out on this if it didn't look too fun when I got there. It turned out to be lots of fun and an interesting endeavor. I started at a park near the creek and hiked down a "nature trail" approximately a mile before getting onto the creek.
this little fawn thinks it's hiding...I felt bad for scaring him/her into laying in the water and tried to get it to move. It didn't budge so i left it alone and moved on quickly 

newest toy....Alpaka raft   Scout
Not a house could be seen from deep within the small creek valley but I knew they were there having reconed the area via google maps. Someone along the timeline of development must have had the fortitude to designate this area a green space. Once in the creek I was amazed to see not a single human footprint for the duration of my outing. Surely there would have been some kids playing in it somewhere right? nope. The creek lacks any waterfalls or cliff faces but is beautiful in a Minnesota, summer jungle, type of way. The water was clean in appearance and was void of large amounts of trash...which is always good.
home free 

Near the end, I encountered a fence across the creek and no trespassing signs. There was large hole in the river right, side, so I took it. I had been out for over an hour now and had no intention of backtracking. I was in stealth mode for the remainder of the creek's course. As I neared the Minnesota River the creek got much deeper with a final rock pile marking the point at which the packraft would become necessary. I aired it up within the steep mud banks, concealed from a large house that overlooks the creek, and then quietly slipped away. It wasn't long and I was on the Minnesota, drifting with the fast current. It was about a half mile to my take out at a large bridge and then another half mile overland with a final tromp across a nasty muddy backwater swamp to my bike.

Is this the new place for everyone in the twin cities to take a pic, post to facebook, and think it's unique ?
 As I rode back to my van in my wet and muddy clothing on an inexpensive steel Surly, past homes I would never want to afford........ I could see through the trees and noticed two guys walking down the street like they were headed out to the "links", both wearing white shorts, one with a pink shirt the other light yellow....I surmised they were named Chet or Dirk, maybe Claude and were probably talking about their portfolio's............ It felt good to know I had just been mashing around in the mud and water in their own back yards, so-to-speak,  and with all their money, they were still missing out on something I had just done.